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Queefing Videos

Queefing While I Show You My Body Hd

HD Video- I show you my body from all angles as I queef on command the whole time. You will love the way my stomach muscles and the rest of my body looks as I suck air up my tight pussy. And then expel it, trying to make as many different sounding queefs as I can. I change positions constantly to get the best noises to come out of my pussy for you :)

First Queefing

I love queefing by myself in my bedroom! I spread my pussy wide and suck up lots of air and release it back into your face. I had no idea I was so excellent at queefing.

Queefing In A Short Black Skirt

I’m wearing my favourite little black skirt and a black t-shirt which clings to my body. I lean forward on my bed to reveal that I’m not wearing any underwear. I get on all fours, giving you a perfect view right up my skirt and then let rip with a series of noisy and bubbly queefs. I lean forward over and over, sucking air into my pussy and forcing it back out with my powerful muscles.


I had a very noisy kitty today... so get to be a naughty boy and benefit from it! Enjoy this non-edited footage of me making my pussy queef <3
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Queefing Through A Thong Mp4

In this clip I show off my queefing talents and let you see how much I can queef through my little lacy green thong. It shows off my butt just perfectly! Listen to my loud and fast pussy farts as I suck air into my pussy and then push it back out with my incredibly strong and well controlled pussy muscles.

Queefing In Thong

Look at that big beautiful ass in that sexy thong. Now, let me bend over for you, pull my thong to the side, and get that pussy to queef nice and loud.

Practicing Queefing

I decided to try queefing on video for you. I queef on my hands and knees for you, on my hands and knees close up, and while laying on my back....queefing is harder while I am on my back, but you get to watch my pussy gape nicely for you as it sucks in the air! My beautiful hairy pussy is very wet, so the pussy farts come out wet and loud!!!


3.17m On all fours I make my pussy queef for you repeatedly, using my fingers to open it up and let the air slide in, before pushing it back out! At one point I also just hold my pussy hole open and flex my vagina, causing funny suction noises to happen!