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Handcuffed Videos and Photos

Handcuffed Blow Job

12 minute video of me giving a blow job to my boyfriend while handcuffed and with a Hitachi between my legs. Watch me position the Hitachi, be handcuffed, give my boyfriend a blow job and then see him finish all over my face.
[Image: Handcuffed Blow Job]

10 credits

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[Image: EmmaWilde]
  • Emma

Handcuffed Blowjob

I strap on my vibrator and get my hands secured behind my back before I go to town on this cock, sucking and slurping until I make him cum and take his MASSIVE load on my face.
[Image: Handcuffed Blowjob]

20 credits

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[Image: MaddyLaGuerre]
  • Maddy

Handcuffed Mouthfuck On My Knees With Facial And Toys 12m

12 min, Watch me in HD while my boyfriend puts a butt plug in my ass, handcuffs me, and I have multiple REAL orgasms on my vibrator while his dick is in my mouth. I'm nice and oiled up, I love sucking cock and I tell him so. 12 minute video that ends with him shooting a huge load on my tits and in my mouth, and I crawl to the camera to show you I swallowed ;)

Handcuffed Hitachi Cum Challenge

Watch me as I try masturbating with my hands cuffed behind my back and grind on my hitachi. But there's a problem... it's not working out so well, so I cuff myself to hitachi and masturbate for 4 minutes. Video is almost 7 minutes long. Enjoy :)
[Image: Handcuffed Hitachi Cum Challenge]

5 credits

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[Image: MissyDeClined]
  • Missy

Handcuffed Lesbian Hitachi

nipple clamps on her. She then gets to work playing with her pussy, giveing you a close up of her wet pussy, Dani eats Megan out, fingeres her, fucks her with a dildo and finally makes her cum using the hitachi. HD 1920x1080 9:45 DL attatched because the ELM uploader is so annoying!
[Image: Handcuffed Lesbian Hitachi]

10 credits

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[Image: DirtyDaniPicas]
  • DaniPicas

Handcuffed Blowjob Wearing A Corset And Vibrator

I'm in a tight little corset, handcuffed with my hands behind me and a clit vibrator strapped on, as he sits in a chair right in front of me. He controls the vibrations and I can't do anything about it, just take his dick as he gives it to me. 8 1/2 minutes in, he cums and it's too much for me to handle.
[Image: Handcuffed BlowJob wearing a Corset and vibrator]

20 credits

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[Image: NikkieDiamond]
  • Nikkie

Handcuffed Pov Blowjob

(9:43 min) Custom clip: This video you would be arrested and handcuffed at the beginning like the previous videos but this time you manage to bribe the cop with a blowjob. However your hands remain cuffed behind you during the blowjob. Shot POV style with your cuffed hands/feet showing as much as possible. Cumshot is eventually on the soles of your feet with your cuffed hands resting on them.

Handcuffed Brat

(9:12 min) This is a custom request video. My music is turned up so loud that the cops are called for a noise disturbance. I've been drinking, and I become belligerent toward the officer. He cuffs me, I squirm, he gets pissed. Needless to say, I have a warrant for my arrest, so I'm going downtown. Lots of close-ups of my cuffs.

Tie Me Up Part 1

This is a light bondage vid of me and a friend getting a little kinky. He handcuffed me to the bed, and put his mouth on me until I had to kick him off...literally! LOL He made me cum so hard with his mouth that I got sooo sensitive and had to make him stop! It is 14 minutes.

Afterclub Fart Domination

After numerous drinks from you and a wild night at the club we come back to my place for a little fun... if you think you're slick with staring at my ass then you're wrong. I know your type- you follow the wasted girls home but this time you've bitten off more than you can chew... I actually have picked you for some fun that includes being handcuffed and farted on until you submit to me.
[Image: Afterclub Fart Domination]

8 credits

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[Image: GoddessRaven]
  • Raven

Bound And Used

This 6 minute video has me handcuffed and on a leash in a fetish outfit. My boyfriend has me suck and fuck him. Also includes some flogging of my body and tits. Hear all my moans and groans as he whips and fucks me.
[Image: Bound and Used]

5 credits

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[Image: EmmaWilde]
  • Emma

Belly Tickles

The crazed tickler is back to tickle more screams of laughter out of me! I'm handcuffed to the bed, and at his mercy. He starts with a feather then continues with his hands, tickling all over my body. I writhe and scream, but there's no getting away!

Back Tickles

Handcuffed to the headboard, my feet tied together, and at the mercy of a deranged tickler! He starts his tickle tickle with a feather, then uses his hands to tickle my entire body. Warning: my laughter starts quietly, but can then gets VERY loud at times in this video. Don't turn the volume up too high or you'll hurt your ears.

Bound Black Cat

I, as the feisty BlackCat from Spiderman have gotten herself into a tricky situation: handcuffed and all alone! Can I get out? What will I do once I'm free? Do you really wanna know? ;)

Arrestee Bribes Undercover Cop With Blowjob 1080p Mp4

An undercover cop arrests a girl for having a warrant. He tells her to put her hands up, slams her into the wall, and handcuffs her hands behind her back. As she is threatened to be taken to jail, she bribes the cop with a blowjob, and the officer tells her "they can work something out." The officer pushes her onto her knees, and she begins giving him a sensual blowjob. As she is handcuffed, she continues to give go faster, trying her hardest...
[Image: Arrestee Bribes Undercover Cop With Blowjob 1080p mp4]

10 credits

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[Image: aidenandfifi]
  • FifiFoxx

Local Foot Perv Gets Revenge On The Police

The local police has had some complaints about a Foot Pervert in the neigbourhood so I would just like to ask some questions, do you mind if I come in? Next thing I know, I am handcuffed to the bed and being harrased by this pervert. He loves my nylon covered feet, fucks me in the face and tickles me with the hitachi until he cums all over my feet. HD 1920x1080 21 minutes DL attatched
[Image: Local Foot Perv gets revenge on the police]

20 credits

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[Image: DirtyDaniPicas]
  • DaniPicas

Pimping My Fag

My little faggot boy is so fun to humiliate! I just love forcing you to fuck and suck other dudes and make you take their hot loads in your face! But humiliating you isn't enough, I want to make money off your humiliation too! So I've taken you to a gay club and I've handcuffed you to the toilet- now I'm going to make you suck off, fuck, and take hot loads from every guy who gives me $10. I humiliate and ridicule you for being a sick little fa...

Cop Porn

Watch as I get out of trouble! I give the officer a nice long BJ and he comes all over my pretty little feet! All while I'm handcuffed! POV style
[Image: Cop Porn]

5 credits

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[Image: JizandLiz]
  • Jiz&Liz

Bondage Flogging And A Simulated Threesome

Riannon is handcuffed and blindfolded. She is flogged repeatedly and degraded for being a cock sucking slut. This continues while she is required to suck a giant dildo suctioned to the wall. Once she has practiced enough her holder requires her to alternate between sucking him and the dildo. Finally Riannon is filled in her pussy and mouth as she is sandwich between a rock hard cock and the well.
[Image: Bondage flogging and a simulated threesome]

10 credits

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[Image: RedHotRiannon]
  • Riannon

More Spankings From My Master

My Master handcuffed me bent over a stool for my first punishment spanking. I had been a bad girl, but my Master made sure I learned my lesson. He found a very large clear ruler and took his frustration out on my big booty. The angle of the camera really shows off my booty and my beautiful pussy. 1 Video 5:46 Mins

Fucking Friends Ex Gf

My friend caught his gf (well now his ex gf lol) cheating... so to get even he got her drunk and handcuffed her and invited me over ;p! By the way this is an old video I was 19 in the video o.o