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What is ExtraLunchMoney? (ELM) is a digital marketplace for buyers to directly interact with adult content creators. Although the focus of the site is amateur porn, custom fetish clips, and amateur adult content, we welcome a wide range of adult content including audio and written work from amateurs and professionals alike. What makes ELM different from other "adult" sites is we only allow people who create and star in the content to sell that content. This means no 3rd party creators. Real amateur porn and custom adult content direct from the performers themselves.

There are 2 categories of content featured on ELM:

Custom Jobs - sellers post the type of content they can make and work directly with buyers to create what buyers are looking for

Download Now - sellers post pre-made photos, videos, and other files they want to sell, buyers purchase and can download right away

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Our Values

Many adult websites have a bad reputation (and a lot of times it's justified) when it comes to how they present themselves and do business. We aren't trying to be like them so here's what we promise.

Positive User Experience - We want users to enjoy using the site so no annoying banners, pop ups, pop unders, etc...

Transparency - We want you to know what we're up to and why we do things.

Integrity - Doing the right thing; not doing stuff like stealing content, unauthorized billing, etc...

Company Info

United Kingdom: Off ELM Park LTD - 4 Cornwall Road, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 7SY

The Team

Benic - CEO and Co-Founder

Ben drives the vision and direction of ELM. Never happy with the status quo Ben is always on lookout for new and better ways to do things.

Before ELM Ben has had a diverse work experience including: teaching English in Japan, selling circuit breakers, starting an internet social dictionary, and several blog sites. He loves learning and keeping an open mind...even more so since entering the adult industry.


Eric - COO and Co-Founder

Eric is the guy who gets things done and make sure things work on ELM. Eric excels in breaking large projects down into smaller manageable parts.

Prior to ELM Eric has worked in a variety of roles in the tech industry. He's worked for fortune 100 companies, managed both small and large teams of engineers, and ran his own consulting company. In the near future he plans to become a Krav Maga master.


James - Engineer and Tech-Support

James manages the tech support team both onsite and offshore. He has a degree in business and information systems as well as certificates in technology support.

James has worked at both large companies and startups. His experience is in managing tech support information systems as well small offsite teams from distributed countries. Although his for foray into the adult industry on ELM, James has experience in managing other marketplaces online.