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Where Can I Sell Nude Photos of Myself?

by ELM Admin on October 13th, 2010

Chances are if you are viewing this article you searched “Where to sell nude photos of myself.” I’m assuming you are interested in finding out where you can sell naked pictures of yourself. If this is the case, I have good news, you’ve come to the right place. If this isn’t what you were looking for then you best skitter off.

You aren’t alone in trying to find a place to sell naked photos of yourself. Many people have asked this question (especially on Yahoo Answers), but unfortunately, many have gotten bad answers. “Where can I sell nude photos of myself” people ask to which others answer:

  • “Get morals. Dont do that to yourself no matter how bad you need money. GET A REAL JOB”
  • “ill give you a dollar.”
  • “are u sick..why would u do that”

Not the most helpful answers. Where does that leave you and your nude photos? Is it time to shred those photos and give up Nope, stick around we can help.

Places to Sell Your Naked Photos

Here are 5 places you can try to sell photos of yourself online:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Amateur Porn Websites
  3. Nude Online Membership Galleries
  4. Create Your Own Membership Website
  5. Extra Lunch Money (our website)

We’ll go through each of these options and you can determine which option is best for you.


If you really wanted to make money believe it or not you can use Craiglist to sell nude photos of yourself. However, there are a lot of risks and headaches involved with this. Your biggest risk is that your post will be flagged for removal. Even though “nude photos of yourself” are not included in Craigslist’s list of prohibited items for sale it seems like the posts that do show up there do get flagged for removal. Here’s an example.  In Google I found this Craiglist’s posting, “Nude photos available”:

Here you can see this person was trying to sell “nude photos of myself for $20.” If you click on the search result you get “this posting has been flagged”:

If your post did manage to stay up then you would have a shot at selling your photos.  You could  use paypal for payment. When people decide to buy your photos they will paypal you the payment and then you can email them the photos.  That’s the ideal situation, but it might be difficult to attract buyers since there’s no guarantee that you’ll email them the photos. Not to say that you would, but I know for me, I’d be weary about sending a random person money for the promise of naked photos.

Amateur Porn Websites

There are a lot of porn websites out there and they are always looking for new models. The good news is they pay really well.  The bad news is it’s porn so they aren’t just looking for a naked body. They want some kind of sexual act or implied sexual act.   If you are comfortable with that then this isn’t for you.  Also, depending on the site, they want higher quality photos so this means self shots with cell phone cameras aren’t going to cut it.  Here’s an example of what  Starway Models is looking for and what you can expect in terms of payment and benefits:

  • Send 3 Photos [this means they have to choose you]
  • Shoot video & photos in an exciting environment [you have to take photos with a bunch of strangers while having sex]
  • Work with a fun and professional crew [definitely a plus]
  • Comfortable with R and XXX [if you aren’t comfortable with this move on to something else]
  • Must be 18+
  • Top models can earn up to $7,000 dollars for a weekend of shooting [that’s good money]
  • Travel and lodging are also taken care of [another plus!]

While the money is good keep in mind you aren’t getting paid for individual photos.  You are getting paid to model and they have to choose you.  If they don’t choose you then you have ZERO chance of making money.  That could be a big obstacle in your quest for naked photo income.

Nude Online Membership Galleries

Nude membership gallery websites are websites where they featured nude models typically done in a tasteful manner and in order to view those photos viewers have to buy a monthly membership.  Typically you don’t get paid directly for each photo they use, but you get paid for time spent modeling. Most of these sites are a “celebration of the artistic beauty of the naked female form.”   Compared to the porn websites these sites will seem a lot more classy.  The good thing is these websites don’t make you do lewd obscene things like regular porn sites. However, the bigger problem is like porn websites they may not want your naked photos.  They seem a lot more picky (at least the higher quality websites like Hegre Art) here’s an example of what they are looking for:

Experience is not necessary; however it is good to keep in mind that our ideal candidates are between 18 and 25 years of age and height/weight proportionate. Most importantly, you must be comfortable in your own skin and exhibit a high degree of confidence in front of others…If this sounds like you and you have what it takes to be a model, you will be invited to be photographed by award-winning photographer Petter Hegre, paid a modeling fee, and of course be given prominent exposure here at

And in case you aren’t sure what the “ideal candidate” looks like rest assured that you if you look anything like the woman below you definitely have a promising career in nude photography.

Unfortunately if you wanted to make money off each of the photos taken of you it doesn’t seem like this is the best place to do it.  Normally these websites work directly with photographers.

Create Your Own Membership Website

Rather than joining someone else’s membership site you can be more ambitious and just simply start your own. However, of all the options this is the most challenging for a number of reasons.  The biggest reason is all the stuff you have to manage.  You have to:

  • Build your own membership website
  • Setup a payment system
  • Market your website
  • Manage the website
  • Handle customer service
  • And much much more

You have to do all that and also find time to take naked photos of yourself. On top of that, even if you manage to do all of the above there is no guarantee anyone will join your website. All that time and investment potentially wasted.

Extra Lunch Money

Extra Lunch Money was created to put the power back into the hands of the models and people taking their own nude photos.  We looked at all the options and find a simple way for people to sell naked pictures of themselves.  Nude pictures are just one part of the Extra Lunch Money vision of enabling people to literally sell the best parts of themselves…and if that happens to be you naked then more power to you.

What makes Extra Lunch Money different than all the other websites?

  • It’s a marketplace: We aren’t a membership site or porn site.  We showcase who you are and connect you with people who want to buy photos or other services involving you (this does NOT mean prostitution).
  • Not just nude photos: While we allow you to sell custom nude photos we also allow you to sell non-nude photos of yourself: pictures of you in a bikini, school girl outfit, Scooby Doo costume, etc… It’s up to you.
  • You control everything: You set the prices, you decide who will take your pictures (probably yourself if you are shy), and you decide what type of photos you are comfortable selling. Extra Lunch Money is just here to handle to transaction and make sure you get paid.

We are still adding a lot of the functionality to the website, but if you are interested in joining, don’t hesitate to sign up by visiting Extra Lunch Money.

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  1. Charity Stone permalink

    I was wondering how a girl with dreads would do in this industry, would it effect my ability to get modeling jobs? :)

    • MsMalicious permalink

      Hell no! There’s loads of alternative places. Also, I started out through :)

      • anon permalink

        BareImagery must not be a thing anymore. The only one that comes up is some photographer’s site.

  2. Lolita permalink

    I have always wanted to be involved in porn but I dont have the right body. But I am sure there is a market out there for bbw women…. One of my fantasies is to have aq gang bang, be filmed and then hopefully sell it!

    I would also love to have a little 3some with 2 f and 1 m and then 1f and 2 mails. what you think?

    • Eddo permalink

      I’d truly be happy to film that for you Lolita – at no cost to you! And I think your 2f1m and 1f2m idea is awesome, as well. Look me up when you get ready for participants :-) lol

  3. Candy permalink

    I’m a larger woman and i was just wondering how your bbw sells?

  4. Scott permalink

    how does a guy fair out in this kind of stuff?

    • ELM Admin permalink

      Not well. The only buyers we’ve noticed are actually other men (gay men) who are purchasing. It’s been pretty well documented how many (if not most) women have little desire to look at penises… let alone pay for that pleasure.

  5. I am interested in selling some bbw pictures of my nude natural body. If it gets me in porn, that would be great as I am interested in doing this also. Can you help me sell pics without face shots for now. Thanks Anita Lott

  6. ryan permalink

    How about a couple together in the photos do they sell well

    • anon permalink

      I was also wondering about this. My boyfriend and I want to try to sell some videos/pics for extra cash but were not sure if it would sell well with both of us.

  7. Shalena permalink

    How much dose big girls or couples pics sell for

  8. Raymond permalink

    Hi! I just wanted to know if gay and fetish content is allowed? Haven’t found anything gay or diaper related on this page, and wanted to ask my partners if they would like to make some cash :p

  9. Jennort permalink

    I’ve always felt good about my body and the why it works ;). People….well some guys and son lesbose close by where I live seen nude pic’s of me , and the reaction I get from them is awesome cause they love it. So I was hoping n thinking that u can might help me.

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