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Guest Post: Using Picasa Web Albums to Find New Customers

by benic on October 5th, 2011

Ashly Lorenzana (ELM seller thegirlnextfloor) emailed us with a tip about how she was using Picassa web albums to find new customers to buy her content. We thought it was a great idea so we invited her to share how she does it here on our blog.

In case you’re not familiar with Picasa Web Albums, it’s Google’s free photo sharing app that lets you create online photo albums and upload pictures. Each album can hold up to 500 photos, and anyone in the world can view them if you choose to make your album public.

I started using this service years ago, and just uploaded photos of myself on occasion. I’ve always changed the settings to public, so my friends could come back and check them out when they wanted to.

However, what I didn’t realize is how active PWA is as a community. I received lots of comments on a pretty regular basis, but didn’t always take the time to read them when I was notified by email. I hadn’t checked my stats in a long time, but was shocked to see that over 2,000 people were following my albums!

If people enjoy your public photos, they can follow your albums in much the same way as people can follow you on Twitter. That means whenever you post new photos, they will show up in that person’s PWA account.

That makes it easy to build a very loyal and returning audience, obviously. When I went back to scan through some of the comments people had left me, I was pretty surprised to see how many of them had included their email address and asked me to send them private photos (all of the pictures in my public album are fully clothed).

That gave me an idea…

I decided to send out an email in small batches to the addresses that had been left in my comments, to see what kind of response it would get. I certainly wasn’t trying to come across as spammy, so I made sure to do three important things when sending out this email:

  1. I made sure to clearly identify myself and remind the recipients who I was and where they knew me from.
  2. I also made it very clear that the reason they were receiving my email was because they had left their email in my comments asking for private pictures.
  3. I sent them a sampling of my “private” photos, as they had requested.
  4. I made it clear that they could opt-out of receiving future emails from me by replying with “no more emails.”

Picasa Web Album Customer Lead Gen Email Example

Doing those things are important, for several reasons. Especially sending the preview photo. Without doing that, it would be far more spammy in my opinion. Since they asked for private photos, that’s what they should get when you email them.

I also made sure to include links to my “download now” products for sale on ExtraLunchMoney. I used a URL shortening service (like to generate short links, so I could track how many people clicked them from the email.

I also included descriptions of what type of photos and videos came with each package I had for sale on ELM, along with the price for each of them. I decided to price them low, in order to attract more potential customers. That way, if they really like the stuff they buy on ELM then they may be willing to pay more for my future products if I include more videos, etc.

So far, my response has been rather positive. The ELM links have received tons of clicks. Out of over a hundred people, only three have opted out of future emails. That’s not too bad, really. I even received a response yesterday from one recipient who liked the sample photo and told me he would definitely consider “paying to see more of me.”

This could be a great way to connect with new ELM customers. Also, if you want to participate in the new referral program at ELM, you can use your personalized link to send your PWA fans to the site. There are lots of ways you can get creative with these ideas and explore the possibilities of using Picasa Web Albums to find new customers. Enjoy!

Ashly Lorenzana has over five years of experience in the adult industry, working as an independent female escort in the Portland, OR area since 2005. She is also the author of “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort,” a personal memoir available in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can find her on Twitter too (@monapdx).

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