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The Adult Fiverr and Micro Gig Site

by ELM Admin on October 15th, 2010

Despite the popularity of the Micro-gig site such as and it’s recent spin-offs GigBucks and Zeerk, many people still do not know that these sites exist. with Fiverr having over 200 thousand uniques a day and growing, this trend isn’t going away.

for those of you who don’t know what these sites do, its basically a site that allows service providers to tell people what they would do for 5 bucks (and now with the new sites: 10, 20… dollars):


Some of the services offered are very useful and some are just plain silly. In fact there are sections on these sites that are dedicated to the funny and silly services that some people provide (“I will break up with your girlfriend for you for 5 bucks”). When you do a little more digging, a lot of the popular services are from providers that offer their sex appeal to the customer. Here are some examples services:

  • I will take a picture of myself, promoting your business/website. (With a hot girl being the provider of service)
  • I will have a pillow fight with my good looking girl friends for 5 bucks. (They were not so good looking)
  • will make a sexy fan sign with your message, website or anything you like for $5. (Pretty sexy)

What’s missing in these sites are actually adult themed “gigs”. Some of these sites strictly prohibit such jobs from being posted. And there are a plethora of websites that have already focus on models or strippers in front of a web cam while onlookers pay to chat with them such as this popular site, why would you want these gigs posted on these job sites? The answer is that not everybody may be into expensive video chat websites, and here are some reasons:

  • Some models or service providers may not want to deal with chatrooms filled with a ton of viewers but instead want to deals with clients on a one-on-one basis.
  • The models may not want to try and appease an entire crowd of clients to try an lure a client into “private chat” to get more money.
  • The revenue/income that the sites charge are usually pretty expensive in which the company takes a large percentage of the sales and the client pays a large sum as well. The commission based system that these micro gig sites use are much more cost efficient and profitable for both parties.
  • It’s more organized and the review system used allows the popoular models to stand out.

This is one of the types of services that we want to give to both service providers and customers alike. Many of the websites out there dedicated to porn are very seedy looking and can drive many potential models away that normally would be interested in a venue for selling their services. Aside from the more “adult” nature of the site, potential users have expressed interest in using a site like ours for other reasons. Some of them include:

  • A short mock date with a hot girl.
  • Testing out pickup lines on a hot girl.
  • Having an attractive girl berate you (thick-skin training)
  • apparently many of the potential users we spoke with were pick-up artists in training!


Another interesting potential service provider told us that she was using the site Gamecrush to make some extra cash while playing video games and would love to test out our site for us when we launch. Apparently the concept of adult playdates and GameCrush is a very popular phenomenon.


Based on our research, it is apparent to us that the micro gig themed sites aren’t going anywhere and the always engaging and popularity of the online adult themed a.k.a. porn industry is not even close to dying down. Basically there was a gap in adult themed micro gig industry and we thought it would be a fun opportunity to fill it.

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