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Say Hello to ELM Promo Codes

by benic on March 29th, 2012

We’re happy to announce the launch of the ELM promo code system. The promo code system allows ELM sellers to sell their instant download products for discounted prices. Sellers choose the new discounted price they want to offer (including even offering the product for free) and add different conditions to the promo campaign like how many can be redeemed and expiration date.

After a promo code is generated sharing it is as simple as copying a link and putting it in a browser. It will take users directly to the instant download product page and automatically apply the discount code being offered. Nice and simple.

Below is a demo of how to create ELM promo codes. Or if you’re a seller and want to get started right away, start creating your own.

If you are wondering what an actual promo code looks like live on our site. Check out this heavily discounted product I have for sale.

Looking to learn more about campaigns or good ways to use them? Check out the promo code wiki page.

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