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How Much Money Do Webcam Models REALLY Make?

by ELM Admin on November 2nd, 2010

UPDATE: We have a new series of articles where we interview cam models and ELM sellers so you can learn from actual models. Check out the our new Cam Model Resources articles. If you are interested in cam modeling many models reccommend MyFreeCams.

Recently I’ve taken an interest in cam modeling. It’s a fascinating concept; getting paid to strip or perform various adult things for money via web cam. It’s something I would never consider doing myself. For one I’m way too shy. And secondly I don’t have anything guys would pay to look at (and I’m not being modest). You hear about strippers, the ones dancing in gentleman’s clubs, making good money, but you don’t hear much about the world of virtual strippers. That’s what inspired me to discover just how much money a webcam model can make.

One other thing I learned is that in addition to live webcam modeling how some models make money by selling nude video clips. It’s a good way to make passive income either with our without cam modeling.

The Hype of Webcam Modeling

Not to say webcam modeling is a get-rich-quick scheme, but I think cam modeling website owners and operators like to sell models on that idea.  On the surface becoming a cam “girl” or cam “boy” isn’t difficult.  Aside from being over 18 years old, having a computer with an internet connection, and the courage to reveal some skin that’s really all you need to get started.  And just how much can you earn by doing this? I decided to look at 3 popular web modeling websites to see what they say in terms of money you can earn. Live Cams | Live Sex Chat And Webcam Expert Advice

how much do imlive webcam models make

imLive, unfortunately, doesn’t give you any numbers in terms of money you could be earning.  Instead they tell you you can “Earn Big Money Online,” you get paid every 2 weeks, and if you are top host that you’ll be showered with Versace dinner sets (didn’t know Versace made dinner sets).  Other than that there is no information how you get paid and how much you’ll be paid for your time.  But maybe you’d rather be paid in Versace dinner sets (a $159.95 value according to Amazon) Live Cams, Adult Webcams & Sex Chat Shows

how much money you can earn from does a better job than imLive at revealing some numbers to give you an idea of potential income, but again there is no specific information.  What you know is that you could earn up to $120 an hour and if you are a top model you could make “over $20,000 a month!”  It would be nice if they mentioned how much an average model makes.  I have a feeling there are a lot less top models than average models.  But I could be crazy. The #1 adult webcam community

how much money can you make at myfreecams

Of all the cam websites gives the most information regarding potential income.  Interestingly they also have a wiki page dedicated to answering a lot of question you might have about webcam modeling.  Of the 3 sites I looked at they had the most information publicly available.  But again if you are just a “plain Jane” it’s hard to get an idea how much money you can make.  Though be comforted for if you have what it takes to to be a top model you’ll be making $40,000 a month in no time or $280,000 a year.  That’s more than most doctors and all minor league baseball players make!

The Reality of Webcam Modeling

Many of these websites tell you how much their top models make ($20,000 to $40,000 a month), but surprise surprise they do leave out a few key points:

  • What percentage of models are making that kind of money?  If there are 1000 models and only 1 model makes that amount then chances are you won’t be making that kind of money (sorry if I burst your bubble…just keeping it real)
  • How many hours are they working to make that kind of money?  Are they working 4 hours a week or 100 hours a week?
  • What kind of stuff are they doing in their shows to earn their money?  Are they just IM chatting with different people or are they sticking various  fun objects in different orifices?
  • Is their monthly income sustained throughout the year?  Meaning are they making consistently $20,000 a month or was it  a fluke where the rest of the months they only made $3000 a month?

Those questions are just the one’s I had for the top models for those websites.  Chances are 80% of the people joining these webcam modeling sites won’t be top models.  This of course raises the question that inspired this post, how much could a real person make by web camming?

Webcam Modeling Income Shared by Actual Webcam Models

I decided to take my research direct to actual webcam models and ask them directly how much money they made.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to contact these models as I didn’t want to pay money to join cam websites just to chat with models.  Luckily the friendly community over at Stripper Web (a forum for exotic dancers and other adult industry workers) had members willing to share their webcam modeling income.

You can read the thread for yourself on Stripper Web, but I’ll pull out the good parts.  I asked two questions:

  1. How much do you make in a month using cam modeling sites?
  2. How how much time do you spend on these sites in a month?

Here are the answers I received along with my income analysis:

Between $5000 and $8000 working between 30-40 hours per week and working a range of sites.

Assuming income of $6500 a month for 35 hours of work a week this models income is $46 an hour.

Just recently I made a lil over a $1000 for ten hours. which was five days for me at 2 hrs a pop. So I know that if i put my heart into it and actually worked my ass off….I could make the thousands a month.

That comes out to $100 an hour.

$31 an hour is possible sometimes I can pull in $80 an hour.

For her it’s $80 an hour.

I don’t web cam myself but know girls that do. One I know made $800 in four hours the other day and that is on a new site that doesn’t have a lot of people on it yet.

That comes out to $200 an hour.

Sometimes you might make $10 in an hour, and other times you will make $50 to $100 an hour. I have had good days and bad days. I have been doing this over 2 years now, and I am still learning! The more I learn the more I make…Let’s just say on my worst day I couldn’t even make 20 bucks!!!

Her answer speaks volume to what you probably can expect if you get into camming…ups and downs.

Logged on, made $10 in the first hour and a half…Took about an hour break…logged back on, made $50 in an hour.

For two and half hours of work that’s an average of $24 an hour.

I have been camming over a year now….Horrible nights I’ve made $10 (LOL).  Great nights I’ve made $500+.  Average pay every 2 weeks around $1500. (working prob one week out of the two)

Assuming she’s putting in 30 hours a week and working only 2 weeks in a month she’s making $50 an hour.

I make $4000-$6000 a month… Don’t really have “bad days” when I dont make a lot of money because I work diff sites so if its slow one place I’m making $$$ somewhere else. Once you get a solid fanbase it’s much easier, though.

I’ll assume she’s working 30 hours a week making on average $5000 a month. Her earning rate is $42 an hour.

Average Webcam Model Hourly Rate

Taking these income numbers I can calculate the average hourly rate of a “normal” webcam model.  Top models, assuming they make $30,000 at 120 hours of work a month, make an average of $250 an hour.  Normal everyday webcam models can expect to earn $77 an hour.  Of course even with my number you have to remember this is only based on the responses from 7 models.  Even so it’s a big difference from the $250 an hour that some of these websites say you can make.


From the responses I got from actual webcam models it is possible to make good money doing webcam modeling.  Chances are you won’t be making the money that is promised to top models from these websites, but at a potential rate of $77 an hour it’s still good money.  It should be noted that none of these women said that it was easy money.  Like any job, profession, or endeavor it takes hard work to be successful.  There’s no guarantee everyone can make this kind of money.  However, at least you have a better idea of what to expect in terms of money you can make doing webcam modeling.

At the end of the day if you are serious about making money then there’s only one way to find out…and that’s by trying it.  If you do try it out let us know how it worked out for you.

Checkout Extra Lunch Money

If you are looking for additional ways to make money by modeling in addition to webcamming be sure to check out our digital adult  marketplace, Extra Lunch Money :) It’s a site where you can make passive income while you cam model on other websites.

On ELM you can sell:

Learn more about selling on ELM.

Interviews with Real Cam Models

UPDATE: We have a new series of articles where we interview cam models and ELM sellers so you can learn from actual models. Check out the our new Cam Model Resources articles.

Below are some  interviews we’ve done to learn more about the world of web camming and how some models got started how much they made, and tips for being successful as a model. Be sure to check it out:

You can also check out interviews with web cam models section to see the most up to date interviews we’ve done.

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  1. I was a webcam model with and I put in a lot of hours ezpecially at the time Americans would be online, I did most kinky things and was told I was the second top girl in Australia for this company but I made very little money, they charged their clients 5
    $5 a minute to view me and I got $1 of that! They apparantly had contests for the weekend, the top 10-20 models that clocked up the most minutes of live performance time would recievebonus money. When I would try and view these top models they wre never online, I recon it was all set up. Thats my piece on webcam modelling, I am sure there are btter sites to work for.

  2. I was thinking of becoming one. I am looking for a job, which has lead me no where ( I have applied EVERYWHERE). The idea crossed my mind in the past, but then I did not want to be seen by anyone I know. Which now I found out you can block certain states. I actually went into one sitejust to see last night and there were A LOT of guys on there chatting with girls. If they can make more money than people working depressing 9-5s, why not!! I may just try it.

    • cj bell permalink

      I feel the same way Bella, I have been umemployed for almost a year with no luck, and I just finished my bachelors, I figured I need to start something on my own, and this seems like just the thing, I am really pretty and think I can do well, I say give it a shout, you don’t really have anything to lose.

      • DJ Jazzy Joff permalink

        “I am really pretty” just made you really ugly.

        • Phoenix permalink

          you’re one of those pathetic people that can’t stand when girls know how hot they are hahaha enjoy being single and miserable for the rest of your pathetic existence

  3. Robbie permalink

    Me and my girlfriend (whi is very attractive by the way) are thinking of doing couples webcam shows… anybody have any advice on the best site to work for?

    • they make lots of money there just look at there highest tips of the month and one girl got 8000 dollar tip some or famous on there like aspen ray she was on howard stern

    • Bill permalink

      myfreecams is good fm the girls Ive gotten to know , they don t have quotas but if ur not making much they let u go. my 2 fave girls got tossed becuz they didnt pull in enough biz. gl! hope to c u in a room some time!

    • HaitlinMarie permalink has a lot of couples. I applied there with my ex and they were taking forever to approve us. They want a lot of information and clear ID pics [i think thats what took so long, webcam quality is shit for face to ID card and info comparison]
      And like someone else said, MFC is good for groups and couples. But only females. NO males at all.. which kinda sucks.

  4. Bobzilla permalink

    Absolutely disgusting.

    It doesn’t take “courage” to show your skin to others. It takes throwing away whatever modesty and shame you have.

    I honestly cannot believe that money alone can drive women to do this, even when they have perfectly normal and comfortable lives.

    If you can, get a student loan and just spend a year or two upgrading your high school courses and the next 4 years getting a degree. Or if you can’t get a loan and working at McDonald’s is all you can do, then do that.

    You will never find peace and satisfaction with selling yourselves, so please stay away from this industry. Your are better than that, no matter what your background.

    • cj bell permalink

      Umm,some people just can’t find a job especially in this market. I am one of them, I have a bachelors and am in school for my MBA , I have been in customer service/management for 10 years, and got laid off last June, and can find nothing, over $9 an hour. I can’t live off of that, that is less than my unemployment. If I can make 500 a week or more for doing something so simple why not? Going to school does not guarantee a job, I even have a very good working history and great skills, which I will use to market my business whether it is camming or something else. Just because you want to cam or do phonesex or dance does not mean that you are degrading yourself, if anything it means you are comfortable with yourself.

    • Evie permalink

      @Bobzilla: You are entitled to your beliefs, but, when you make blanketed statements like “You will never find peace and satisfaction with selling yourselves, so please stay away from this industry” and “It doesn’t take “courage” to show your skin to others. It takes throwing away whatever modesty and shame you have” you are acting as if your personal morals are simply better than other people’s. Wrong. “Objectify”, “Degrading”, “Ethical”, etc. These are not absolutes. They are things that reasonable people discuss.

      You aren’t better than these girls. You’ve only been socially conditioned to think otherwise.

    • Jonny permalink

      I’m a cam model, and i’d much rather be exploiting my body doing cam shows than exploiting my soul working in some minimum wage shithole.

      • Rob permalink

        Hell yah…these chimpanZees dont understand..its just my weiner!!! HAHA … I’d way rather show my you know what for cash then have some degrading asshole yell at me all day about nothing…

    • Stinger permalink

      Your pretty damn high and mighty. If you have ever in your life, even once enjoyed pornography or any form of intentionally sexualized media meant to be distributed as a product, or even worse, not intended to be distributed, you have absolutely no right to call shame upon anyone.

      • EleanorRigby permalink

        AMEN!!!! People are so judgmental and hypocritical.

    • Renae Rose permalink

      @Bobzilla Who asked your opinion? I myself am in college, have pulled out thousands in student loans, AND Ive worked full time at Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds doesnt pay SHIT and loans just kept piling up. So if I decide I dont want to struggle anymore who are you or anyone else to judge.

      Please pull the stick out of your ass and kindly leave. What even brought you to this blog?

    • Amanda permalink

      Just because you are not ok with it doesn’t mean you need to bash it. No one is saying this is something for everyone.

      You don’t know everyone elses situation. Keep that in mind.

    • I have a degree, I have further qualifications after my degree. I spent close to 2 years on benefits as a single mum, trying to find anyone to employ me who could offer hours that worked around childcare……..
      Also, why is this bad? I sit in my bedroom and masturbate! I don’t do anything I’m not comfortable with. I work while my kid is at school, and I’m there to pick her up at the school gate every day. I work when she’s asleep and don’t have to pay for babysitting.
      I feel sad when I see mums working shitty jobs dead end job and coming home late at night after their kids have been in after school clubs and they haven’t seen them and they get paid peanuts.
      I get paid between £10 and £40 an hour, but I’ve had days when I’ve made more then £100 per hour. I work when I suits me. I usually dont work that much (im studying and doing volunteer work too) and i just aim to make about £1200 (before tax) per month, which is all i need to live on. I don’t work school holidays, and all I do is hang out in my bedroom, chat and masturbte. I giggle to myself as I walk down the street about how lucky I am.
      I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not doing anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with nakedness or masturbation, and I have no shame.

    • AddisonPhoenix permalink

      I actually truly enjoy what I do when it comes to webcamming. I am a very sexual person and this is an easy outlet for my sex-drive without being outrightly promiscuous.

      Also, it’s anonymous and you can block any area where a person may know you.

      If you met me in real life, you would have no idea where I earn my living.

      Suck it up, big boy. Every one loves sex anyway. If you say you don’t, good. Thank the Lord we won’t have someone like you reproducing!

      • douchecanoe permalink

        You cant block any states that you think you can. People out there use VPN’s to access anything blocked that they want to. I worked with a cam girl that thought nobody knew she was online naked most of the time

    • rebecca permalink

      yeah like its soo easy for you to find a job. When you get the student loan and you can’t find a job, what are you going to do to pay the loans back. To be webcamming is the easiest way because your not sleeping with anyone, if I wear a bikini to the beach I am half naked anyways and men do oogle so why not make them pay for it. Not everyone does it but everyone have a reason why they do it.

    • Spicy permalink

      seriously… work at macdonalds or have fun online. why would I waste my time doing something I hate when I could be doing something I really enjoy.


  5. Amanda permalink

    hi if u wanna make the most money u need to work mutiple site because 1 site isnt shit. I work different ones that way i can dubble my income. Im not no where near a top model but i do average 3000 or more a month doing full time heres a few sites im on,,,natalielive, and im fixng to be on more

    • sam permalink

      I am about to be a male webcam model but they informed me i am not allowed to work multiple places. The company i work for claims I will be posted on a few websites. I am not sure what year you made your comment but does this make sense?

    • Theresa permalink

      Hi, I was wondering if you can be on all those different cam sites at the same time making money? Can you do that? Or do you only go on 1 site at a time and put a few hours on each site to make money.

  6. Amanda permalink

    oh i almost forgot , its not degrading just becasue u do this i do it. Some women actually need money and its the only option who the fuck would wanna work at mcdonalds bobzilla when they could make more on the dam internet, Models can block states from seeing them. i dont even show my complete face just half of it .it covers my idenity, the ones who say this isnt good to do and wanna talk shit about cam girls, well those are the muther fuckers who got all the money and dont need to do this kind of work so they like to talk shit bout it. this is what i gotta say, Im a cam girl i dont make a fortune but i do make a living doing this and whoever dont like it can fuck off

  7. I have worked on streamray/ and streamate for now 8 years started on cams in 2003 and streamate in 2004.

    My average an hour I would say is around $80 an hour. the key thing to make a solid average an hour rate is being online regularly. It’s very possible to have those pay checks coming in every week or 2 weeks over $800.00 and be living comfortable assuming you don’t have high debts and a lifestyle that does not meet your financial needs.

    • Hey Minnie I was wondering if you wouldnt mind answering some questoins about streamate? I am about to send in all my info but i can not seem to find what percentage I actually make. I know I can charge what I want but what percentage of that do I actually keep?? If you could help I would really appreciate it:)

  8. baby t permalink

    I really wanna do it but I am afraid of what people will say about me because people can be so mean. I have a job but i really dont make enough. I am really struggling with money and I just dont know what to do. I dont want people I know to find out and I get called really mean names. I just turned 18 and dont know what to do.

    • Lucy permalink

      Don’t do it.
      Working at an actual strip club is better.
      Webcam modeling is BADNEWS.
      I was in your same spot, struggling and just turned 18.
      I regret it. They take almost all of your earnings. It’s not fair to the girls working online. They work their ass off and make nothing.

      • Wrong. Working at a strip club is NOT better. I’m a cam model so let me put my two cents out there.

        Yes, some cam sites leave you with a small percentage but there are things to watch out for with strip clubs too:

        – Safety: my college roommate was a stripper. She was followed home one night and we had to call the cops. It wasn’t fun. That’s not even considering the creepers who jizz in their pants or will try to feel you up while you’re giving them a lapdance. Plus, if some asshole is drunk you won’t have to deal with him in person if you are camming.

        – Another safety concern: Is the owner of the club a creeper too? I’ve heard stories about girls who said they have to do random sexual favors for their manager. This is probably a rare occurrence but still not fun.

        – BBW, Pregnant, Senior citizen, disabled or simply don’t fit any mold!!?? If so, you can still cam! That’s right. Strip clubs don’t want fat chicks, paraplegics or yer gramma. With camming, there’s always something for everyone and you’re going to fit in a number of genres. (I say this as a BBW cam girl!)

        Some cam sites, like Streamate, can block states and even whole countries. Yes, there are ways around the block but the average idiot won’t make the effort.

        • Monica permalink

          I would like to join the webcam sites but im a big girl im not skinny. Would i bring in a good income still?

  9. baby t permalink

    Also what are some good sites to work for?

  10. DigO permalink

    I usually work Monday-Friday from 9-10am to11-1pm and bring in about 2k a month without much effort. I am only average looking in my opinion.

    The trick is, to find a good site to work with, stick with a schedule be enthusiastic as often as possible, never work any longer than you can without getting bored, have toys outfits a good net connection and a very good webcam.

    Alot of people I speak to who make smaller amounts usually have crap webcams, no set schedule, are boring, do not take time to look presentable and/or work at places like where the pay is crap…

    You need to build a client base and if you’re uncomfortable with nudity or sexuality..this is not a job for you.

  11. Our top models make around 2-3k a week. This is a real job however though it does take hard work and dedication.

  12. I just started two nights ago and have logged about 4 hours, MADE $325! That would be about 55 hours at my ‘real’ job… It’s just a body.. if you have a good one, why not show it? You are not sleeping with random men!

    • Hi Shannon!

      I have just start being with occupation, can you help me out?
      I am trying but the traffic is ignoring me, despite i am (i think) goodlooking.
      What can go wrong in your opinion?
      Thanks in advance

  13. Patrick permalink

    What about male models? I assume the models spoken about on here are females? What about us above average looking men? Can we make a living doing this?

    • AddisonPhoenix permalink

      I have noticed that a lot of men seem to do almost BETTER than females. Keep in mind that most of your customers will also be men, and you would be wise to keep your sexuality to yourself if you are straight, and be prepared to explore some new areas, openminded-ly. Definitely seems to be worth it though. Most men I have seen make money fast. I would assume its because of the anonymity webcam sites offer to customers, so if a straight man has a secret sexual desire for men, they can be open about it on there and not be judged for it. And there are a lot of men out there like that.

  14. Melody permalink

    Hi! Ive been working for streamate now for 6 months. Im a bbw girl,but i have cute face and a big butt. I make between 35-100$ per hour(well i make more, but this is what i get after streamate took their part), never less. I dont show anything in free chat, never. I can do hand bra, and show my feet. But Im always naked, so I have the cam on my face in free chat mode. The guys have to take me pvt to see anything, and It works really well.
    I think I make a lot more money then the girls that show themselves naked for free, guys dont like that, that seems desperate and slutty.

    If u can talk, be cute, make jokes, have fun… this is the job for u.
    I recomend streamate a lot, they take 35% of the earnings.
    U will be paid every week..

    I wanna have this work for life.

  15. Tamera permalink

    I find it odd that Bob is talking so much smack but youre hete….what lead you here if its so disgusting???? You came JUST to bash???? I think not. Anyway, good informative article

    • I have been working on Needlive for more years and of course tried a lot more other sites as well (nearly all of them) but always got back to NeedLive. It is true that traffic is not so high but honestly I do not like mass sites where 80-100 guests were in my room telling me to ‘show tits’, ‘open chest’ etc.

      I have a good number of regular members who always visit me and it is also easy to get new ones as the site has more different and nicer members than other ones. My % always start with 40 but after 100$ earnings I get 50% of members spendings. My trick is to reach always 1000 $ in a period and above that I get 60% which is not difficult with my regular members
      There is no trick in the % like on other sites, I really got the % they say and I always got my payment in time.

      As i am usually active on the site I win many times on model awards and on model contests. the site has regular competitions where members also can win free credits. Actually models can get 175 $ for referring a member to the site, it has never been so easy to get extra cash.

      • Tim Shanks permalink

        You seem proud of yourself, with your modeling awards, showing your tits etc. Is this something you always wanted to do? Is this something you can say how hard you worked and share with friends and family?

        You and your kind are pathetic; that is non-debatable. Men who pay for this are pathetic; this is also non-debatable. The fact that you continue in this industry speaks volumes and shows what a lack of respect you have for both yourself and your ‘paying’ customers. However your rationalize your behavior is irrelevant at the end of the day.

        • LaceyThong permalink

          The self righteous people with their closed minds and judgemental personalities will never fully understand the freedom you get when you are on touch with yourself, your needs, and are not afraid to explore them. This is a fetish, nothing more, for the models it is ( if they are doing it for the right reasons) about having fun, flirting, sharing themselves privately with other people. The fact that the viewer pays is part of the experience for them, they want to pay and be used financially by someone. I am sorry your so closed minded, I myself do not cam but absolutely no objection to these people for enjoying their sexuality.

        • Nina permalink

          I’m a camgirl because I like being healthy! I like to eat good food and drink my superfood and cleanse. It’s NOT cheap!.. something the average family cannot afford. I also own a home and raised 2 kids by myself .. many perks that an average person with a bachelor’s degree cannot have. If I WANT to be normal?? I can go volunteer my time and meet some normalish kind of people… why you so mad?? I have been a camgirl for 12 yrs and at this point?? I don’t see the point to do something else? I have other goals but this is the MOST stable career I have EVER had. Even through a recession.. You all lost your jobs and your homes.. I kept mine …. and kept on working.. I am actually on top with positive equity now.. what did you get? REAL JOBS SUCK!

    • rich g permalink

      hes not talking smack hes telling the absolute truth , he can come here if he wants and speak his truth its a free country and freedom of speech , besides dont you think its hard to escape you hoes on the internet you girls are everywhere when it comes to porn.

  16. Fulana permalink

    I have been working as a model for a month and have received a pitiful amount in comparison to what I have earned for the website… I’m wondering if I should keep at it with this site, change sites, work multiple sites, or just quit….
    So my question to you, is when you say how much models are earning, are you saying how much models are actually getting paid out by their studio, or what they’ve earned, period.
    …And then there’s taxes.

  17. from my said I said the percentage as of an individual model who works from home and not from a studio

  18. Manuel permalink

    But what are the recommended sites to do it? Who are the good ones and who are the rippers?

  19. Max Headroom permalink

    It just goes to show how stupid most men are, to allow themselves to be fleeced by cam shows, strippers, dating scams, and the like. The “hustle” as they call it, has never worked on me and it never will because I do not have to pay for sex to get laid and even if I couldn’t get laid, there is too much free porn on the internet to waste my money on something that has no return on my investment. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Michael permalink

      Couldn’t agree more. I’d never pay for it. Like you said, there’s free porn everywhere. Even without it, there’re more important things to spend time & money on =P

  20. Lucy permalink

    DON’T do webcam modeling.
    It’s a rip off!!!
    I REALLY made $160+ and internetmodeling only paid me $35

    On Streamate, you get “5 gold” which should be 5 dollars but, You are really only getting $1 !!!!
    For “4.99 a minute”, You’re making LESS than a dollar a minute!!

    In my opinion, These girls work WAY to hard to only recieve 35% of the commission.

    STAY AWAY FROM STREAMATE. You can create your own site and make bank, you are just USED on these websites!

  21. Rebecca permalink

    I don’t recommend webcam modeling.
    They don’t pay like they say they will.
    It’s a waste of time, Women’s body’s are worth more than 8-10 dollars.
    That’s typically what you make in a private session for 15 min.
    I’m hot and I know it, I didn’t make anything.
    It was bullshit.
    They’re screwing women and young girls over. I’m surprised more women don’t put up a fight about how much they take from them.

  22. Webcam modeling, is awesome. Sites that you work for DO take a percentage, and they vary greatly. Don’t sign up anywhere that you can’t find specific information on how you get paid. Sorry, but giving up sixty percent is ridiculous. Look for sites where you make a higher percentage there are plenty of them. DO know your limits, and find your niche. DO sign up for payoneer, and you will get a debit card that you can cash your sites out on. DO promote yourself off the site, and direct people to where you get paid the highest percentage.
    Do make the effort to put out a professional product, whether it be your camshows, or your picture sets or videos. Get a photographer off of modelmayhem in your area to work with you on a trade for portfolio basis. Promote yourself with as much free material as you can, without giving up the goods for free…. it’s a tricky balance. Treat it like a business, and a brand name, build your following one person at a time, and make sure you never burn bridges with people you do business with. That kind of thing will follow you everywhere.
    Hope that helps.
    Sincerely, Chaos

  23. Tim Shanks permalink

    Enlighten me here. If a guy wants a quick view of a naked body, all he has to do is turn on the computer and be viewing boobs in seconds. In fact, there are plenty of websites where you can view live shows for free. Why pay towards a ‘private show’, if she’s already showing darn near all her goodies?
    Those are the guys I don’t understand. She’s already 90% naked; the guy’s objective is to masturbate, why bother paying a cent?

    • GetMorMoney permalink

      While that’s correct, paying for sexual services will ALWAYS exist and people will always be interested in it. You are not just getting a “view of tits” or a naked body, you are getting a personal service to do whatever the fuxk you want with. Whether you want to spill your emotions to a strange attractive person or get yourself off. Its not only pornography. Just as stripping, some people just want to talk to a pretty face. Some people are purely lonely. You can call it ridiculous for spending money on something of this sort but to the people who do you sound like a tight wad who doesn’t spend money or doesn’t make much to begin with. Cheap ass.

      • Michael permalink

        Why spend money on something you can easily get for free? It’s just common sense. There are beautiful people out there who will talk to you for free, too..assuming you’re at least somewhat personable.

        Not all lonely people are foolish with their money–let me just put it that way.

      • rich g permalink

        so having common sense makes him a cheap ass tight wad?

  24. I was doing real life stripping for a while, on the amazing nights, I’d do $1000, on the crappy nights I’d do $100. I quit because hour-for-hour, I make more webcamming. I average $100/hr on webcam (I’d say I’m somewhat above average in terms of my earning, I think $70/hr is probably an optimistic average income…) whereas with real life stripping I was earning $75/hr and having to stay up till 5am.

  25. Lavender26 permalink

    I can understand why young women get into this. You need money to live. What I don’t like about it is that it seems as if our sexuality is our ultimate value and it is what the world says it will pay us top dollar for. How come our more intrinsic qualities and talents are not valued as highly? And unfortunately is most cases our sexuality is a commodity that has a very short shelf life.

    I also hate it when people say ‘you girls should be ashamed of yourselves for considering this.” If there wasn’t a demand for it by MEN it wouldn’t be an altenative. Once men get ahold of their sexual impluses and stop watching porn then it wouldn’t be an option. I think men should personally be ashamed of themselves for making this a viable option for women but their unrelenting lust and demand for it. But men do make it an option and when you’re desperate for money so you can pay rent and eat, it can seem very attractive. I completely understand why young women would consider this .

    • Stephanie permalink

      Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re not shaming the women who do this sort of work, because you are. It’s not about us responding to the sexual impulses of men (and women, because it’s not just men who are paying customers). It’s about both women and men alike exploring their sexuality and getting paid to do something they genuinely like to do.
      Interestingly enough, I work a full-time job in addition to webcamming. It’s not that I’m desperate for money so that I can pay rent and eat, I just enjoy doing it! I’m fully aware that my intrinsic value as a person does not begin and end with my body, and a good majority of the men and women you see on these sites are too. Don’t knock it till you try it, and definitely don’t come here just to shame people. It doesn’t work.

  26. latori permalink

    i have heard everyones story and income prices. i am a real stripper and i can say i dont have a boring show. but i have been looking for a few great web cam sites to work. i have been fooling with streamate for a sec just to even get hired but its not looking to good. so all i ask is for a little help on this. if this is what you do and on a good paying site thats not on that bull please leave a reply to tell me how and where. THANK YOU :-)

  27. I rather enjoyed this article. I’ve been web camming off and on for a couple of years. There are bad days where I have to struggle to make 20 bucks and really great days where i’ve made 500… though on average it’s been around the 40-70 buck range for 3 – 6 hrs of work that day.

    It does vary sometimes, life happens, too many models online… there’s so much to consider

  28. Tonya permalink

    You can also get good info on this blog by a webcam model

  29. mona permalink

    @Bobzilla: I can not believe that you are even suggesting that people get loans and get themselves more in debt to begin with. And even getting a job at say MC Donalds is impossible. There is 100 applicants for one or 2 jobs. Not to mention there all high school kids and younger adults in there 20. They are the ones to get the jobs. It obvious to me that you do not have to worry or know much about how it really is looking for a job.

  30. darkocean permalink

    Dont belave teh hype of making 2000$ a day thats for top models that got on those sites FIRST. Age is anoter factor if your young and 19 you wil make more. Being blnd haird and blue eyed also is anoter. I’m a 33, brunete so my average is 500$ a month. I’d make les but am aparently very pretty (go figure) and if I put on the right outfit adn streighten my hair I look like a teenager (lol) I just started two months ago tho so I could mke more as my regular viewrs grow. Still that 500$ a month is making things much less tight! Have plently of food, clothing for my little boy, bills are being paid on time. Will have $ for a car soon and then I can get a reguar job! So Suck it up and ignore the jerks keep at it.

    Also try siging up for oter cam model sites. Try My free cams, and xhamster tehy are both very good. Avoid waveside as it’s a pain in the butt along with almost all rude viewrs. Remeber your entertaing bored loenly men most of the time so smile, , dance to some music, be flirty!

  31. Shdwngs permalink

    I just got into this business and I have yet to make any real money (just started a couple days ago) but I was using a sex site to see if I could actually find people that would pay to see me. They have all said they’d pay for the service (I was putting up bikini shots and stuff like that and asking guy’s opinions on my body…I like to do my research before I jump into any venture). I used to have really low self esteem and wasn’t sure if I looked good enough for this kind of thing. I am a highly sexual girl (I don’t sleep around but i do masturbate anywhere from 5-10 times a day) so it seemed like a good idea. I have persistent genital arousal syndrome which causes me to HAVE to masturbate every few hours or I get excrutiating abdominal pain. This makes finding a normal job difficult since I can’t go a full work day without having to take care of my problem. Bosses don’t like to hear that you have to go somewhere and masturbate in the middle of your shift. So webcam modeling seems like a great idea for me. It isn’t ‘demeaning’ or ’embarrassing’…my family knows and while they don’t exactly approve they don’t think less of me for it. They know about my condition and even my grandparents see the logic behind it. They are old fashioned and don’t like it but even they know that sex sells (people are willing to pay for anything these days) and when you have no real options left to you you can always turn to sex. I’m not a whore, I don’t meet up with guys and have sex with them (I haven’t had sex with another person in over a year) so its just me doing what I do anyways and getting paid to do it. Closed minded people should just stay off sites like that and quit trying to push their beliefs off on other people. You want to have high morals? Fine. Go for it. That’s your life. But if people want to do this kind of thing you should just let them. They aren’t affecting your life if you aren’t looking at it. There is no reason to bash how someone else lives their life. They aren’t hurting anyone.

  32. Chris permalink

    We are a couple on a website at first we were making around 1200 a week that was when we first started now that we have a bigger fan based now its anywhere from $1700-$2200 a week but, it’s not easy… You have to work for the money be on early in the morning and real late at night. Best times.

  33. sarah permalink

    i would say i worked as a model for about 2 months, it was really hard because i also worked for a phone sex line that also had cams involved. i worked under someone that marketed me on both sites. i worked by myself and also with my husband.

    all in all, i hated it. for one, i was working a regular 9-5 job plus also given i would get home at 6 i would have to slip into some lingerie and call up my marketing lady to “turn me on” meaning opening my phone line to men or women and have “sexy convos” with them. some nights were really crazy with people bringing me into privates or calling my line. others were like fishing in pool…

    i had weird experiences with some guys asking me to preform mock killings or acting like a 4 year old girl. my husband even was asked to preform anal on himself… this is just some of what i remember off hand. another difficulty was having to report to an actual person (my marketing lady) who would get really mad at me especially if i wouldnt work which sucked. also some days i didnt feel like being sexual, but the need for money drove me to do it.

    in the end i gave countless sleepless nights in the hopes of a big break only to be making a little over 200.00$ my best week which i suck on my husbands beef stick for about 1 hour to get to.

    it wasnt worth it. i felt degraded and belittled. its messed with my faith and confidence. it also caused me and my husband to seperate for a while, were back together now, but we’ve sworn to stay away from it. in all honesty, you have to have thick skin, no morals and heart to do this for a living. i wouldn’t recommend it. just stick to it, find a real job, you’re not going to get out what you put into this…not by a long shot. trust me!

    • Jalina permalink

      Hello I am a web cam model agent and mentor and have been for over 5 years as well as a phone sex operator and coach for over 15 years. and after reading all the replies the negative ones included I will begin by saying this.. anything you do in life people will judge you or have something to say about the choices you make, but at the end of the day what YOU say about your self will be the only thing that matters. I cant tell you how many young girls have emailed me because they were desperate for this kind of work and I turned them away. why? because this is the type of job that you ought to have enough self awareness of who you are as an individual rather it be your sexuality or other wise. I wont even hire or recruit you unless you are 21 years or older why ? because I personally think its too young to be apart of this business. give your self time to grow. this goes to young men as well. I say go out and explore the world DO go work at MacDonald or Starbucks . but as to those that are are fully grown women who have lived a little id say try it out and if its not suitable to your liking and or you cant sleep well at night dont by no means continue, go back to school, think of a different career. I also want to add to the young lady that was working with her husband and found that the industry didn’t work for you. My apologies that you had to go through what you went through the best thing I would tell any one is to do the research on who people and what companies are. then go from there with your decision .Many people will not like me and do not like me because I am pro-testy I am a different kind of agent and cam model, I believe in the “all money isn’t good money” rule. in this business many will not agree and some that do agree seem to still believe that they have to degrade themselves to make money . SO NOT TRUE! the industry does offer NON nude models . when I first started out I was a NON NUDE model and made just as much if not more money as I do being nude. I am also a nail fetishes, most of my earning come from men who love women with long nails. I only became apart of the NUDE part of cam modeling because although I’m a thick EBONY model (Im even considered a bbw depending on what site you visit). but never the less, I AM COMFY IN MY IN MY SKIN AND EVEN AFTER 1 C-SECTION AND 3 CHILDREN LATER AND A SMALL GUT I LIKE THE WAY MY CARAME BODY LOOKS NAKED! I honestly can say I run my private shows the way I want if I feel like taking my clothes off I will and if I dont I wont .. my clients have come to know me and respect that it my show I have many men take me in private and I sat there eating laughing talking. and just being my full clothed sexy self .and then ill be like okay enough talking I feel like playing lol. again I only do what I feel. I think if more women would understand that its not what you do its how you do it than the on lookers would have more respect for cam models . me personally I truly dont care. but that’s just me. I dont shove toys in my vagina but do love my hatachi! I see my self as an an entertainer and thats how I train women and men. you need discipline to do this job . even I struggle with that myself. but each day is a new day to start over again. and I love the idea that I cant be touched. that I am desired. even if its fantasy it feeds me and allows me to be the free spirit that I am. I like knowing that the money I make helps me to provide for my children instead of leaning on a man and on the government, or sleeping with random men for money , again this is just my way. don’t knock any one who gets their money , again my question will always be…. can you sleep at night ? and you are right about one thing you ought to have thick skin when doing this job. but as to you saying that; you have to disregard your morals in order to do this job, I totally disagree=). I actually did a video on youtube entitled ‘cam models ought to pray’. I make no apologies to no one for saying I love Jesus and embrace my sexuality all in the same sentence. I dont sleep around and I am a 37 year old woman who enjoys what she does. I think this job only negatively affects those that are in battle with in their selves. and or was raised in a home where sexuality was looked at as bad or was unspoken. especially regarding women. lastly, regarding the people “who says why pay for something you can get for free” ? well in my opinion…. I believe there are some people that have what Id like to call financial pride. these types of men or women were possibly raised in a home that was taught that you ought to pay for what you want in life and not just have your hand out looking for freebies or what you can take. I also like to add, in one shape or form MEN WILL ALWAYS HAVE TO PAY =) lets look at it a bit closer shall we… example >>> many people can and have download FREE copies of movies . and on the other hand you got people such as myself who would rather go to the mogmund Freud called that the battle of the id, ego and super ego. yes I went to school majored in psychology and human sexual behavior.. again to all that are here no matter what you do in life be comfortable I know people who have “normal jobs” and still struggle and on the verge of a nervous break down because they chose careers based on what society says will bring them the greatest joys and truth be told they are miserable! anywho if you are 21 and over and would like to become a cam model and get the mentor-ship needed to become a RESPECTABLE and CLASSY cam model that is, rather NUDE or NON NUDE please viisit me @ [email protected] thanks for reading guys! one love vie theater and actually PAY for what I want to see. so again its really all about what tickles your fancy . no one should be here putting any one down. I would seriously ask that each and every one of us rather cam model or not – take a moment and reflect on your own life. become consciously aware of exactly why you enjoy this and why you dont , and unto the ones that dont, look into your own reasoning check out your child hood are you still battling with your own issues of sexuality are you living though your parents and or what your friends might think ? like the young lady above with the condition. I love her story because the biggest thing that rang in my ears is that she is ACCEPTED for what and who she is. period. Do you wish to explore your own sexuality but are afraid due to your own internal battles and so called morals. I believe Sigmund Freud said its the battles of the id ego and super ego yeah I went to college mastered in psychology and human sexual behavior. I adverage about 20-40.00 per hour and some days I struggle. like in any sells job! we have our good and great days and some times we have our let me take a longer lunch break days lol

  34. Hey,
    Just wanted to say that webcam job it must be at first of all pleasure:) Enjoy what y do:) the rest will cum:))

  35. HaitlinMarie permalink

    I’m a model on MFC and I’m not very popular at all. I have a few regulars but they dont all tip. The most viewers I’ve ever had at once was probably less than 30.. I’m not as “look at my perfect body, watch me shove a dildo and buttplug in with no hands and squirt 3 times” like some of the TOP MODELS lol. I’m just a 145lbs alt girl with a sweet personality! I’m laid back and kinda shy with showing off the goods. I have friends that watch and talk to me, to keep me calm and have my back when people start getting demanding. But I’m just really cool with the guys [like in real life] i’m not prissy and uptight [as uptight as a girl showing off her puss can be..] I’m real with the guys. We have real conversations. And if they want to see my tits or ass,etc. someone has to tip! I don’t charge nearlyy what top models do. I take like 10tokens for a flash, 20 shirt off, 20 pants, and like 100+ for my lady bits to get diddled. And I may rack up on tokens [about 650-800 on a good night] ***BUT THE TOKENS DO NOT DIRECTLY TRANSLATE INTO MONEY!!!*** I get *FIVE CENTS* per token [if i remember correctly] And i only do it once or twice MAYBE 3 times a week, cuz that is not my full time job. it’s just extra walking around money. But my point, other than to ramble, was to let people know the facts of pricing and to say ***DON’T BITCH ABOUT PRICES! WE ARENT MAKING SHIT FROM LOW BALL TOKEN PRICES!** If you really want it, you’ll pay for it. ;P

  36. hi we are couple from south africa and we would love to join all you wonderful people please let us know if you can help us we both crazy about sex so come on give us a chance

  37. danielle permalink

    hey i am danielle jsut wanted to say i am chubby to and jsut put in app to work for web cam i am in college and jsut want top save money to have a kid ill bloke my state if i can but ill probly have wigs … somethign you can try is play the shy girl maybe a shy school girl and slow strip tease it helps and make them beg for steff get hem to tell you what they want .. dont feel bad its just skin

  38. the cam girls that make most money are nomally a little on the large side they seem to make more money than slim girls , we have no idea why but its just the way it is

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