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ExtraLunchMoney Reviews – What Others Say About Us

by ELM Admin on June 4th, 2012

Below we’ve compiled a list of what other sellers have said about Extra Lunch Money. This way rather than you having to Google and search for reviews you find the reviews we know about.

Keep in mind that as the site has grown we’ve made changes which might not reflect what is talked about in the reviews posted below.

If you find others let us know through the comments and we’ll update our list. We’re open to both positive and negative reviews.

ExtraLunchMoney Reviews – Updated as of 07-18-2012 – ExtraLunchmoney Review – July 18, 2012

I have been on ExtraLunchMoney for almost a year now (Joined somewhere between October and November of 2011). I am on a couple different sites and ELM is my favorite to sell my content on. – Extra Lunch Money – July 18, 2012

If you are looking a way to make money from home a place to build your fan base sale a videos cam shows Extra Lunch Money has a fast easy signup, offer your goods and services in a safe way , accept payments from customers .have a very detailed profile page where you can add  links and banner to your other sites or pages, a way to make new fans and build a fan base, and the more you sale and take part in the site you are rewarded… – Extra Lunch Money Review – July 18, 2012

Looking for customized amateur porn? Then check out Extra Lunch Money! It’s a great site where you can instantly buy pre-made content or request customs from tons of different girls! You can request pics, vids, live webcam shows, personal panties, shoes… pretty much anything you can think of! – Emma Ink on – July 18, 2012

As you know I make 100% of my income by selling videos/photosets online.  There are many sites out there for girls to do this.  I’ve sang ELM’s praises before.  Here’s why… – Extra Lunch Money – Not So Innocent Name – July 18, 2012

Well, late one night I was bored and mygirlfund was kind of pissing me off. I went on google to look up anything remotely like but less than mygirlfund. That’s when I came upon ExtraLunchMoney. I seriously did not understand the name, kind of thought it was lame until I realized how the site ran. – Green Eyed Reviews ExtraLunchMoney – July 18, 2012

ELM always answers their support questions via e-mail or twitter. The response time is fast and they don’t have a one-sided “the site is always right mentality”. Instead they take model feedback and use it to improve the site which in turn makes everyone more money. – Extra Lunch Money Review – July 17, 2012

I found this website a few days back while doing a Yahoo search for selling adult photos online, a few interesting sites came up in the results but most were a little too professional looking with their content and too stuffy, ELM looked way more fun and less formal, the content and providers looked like real people and inspired me to join. – – July 17, 2012

I love ELM for several reasons. One of the main reasons I love them so much is because they actually care about their buyers and sellers and realize that a site without buyers and sellers isn’t a site at all. They always helpful, respectful and respond quickly to any questions. There are other similar sites out there who will literally NEVER respond to questions that you’ve asked and if you do get a response, it’s often some smart ass answer blaming you for some site issue or threatening your account. – ExtraLunchMoney – July 17, 2012

I like the idea to be able to list the customs I’m willing to do, and being able to sell items. Love it! Hasn’t yet yielded any positive results yet, but I’m sure over time things will change. – ExtraLunchMoney texting – June 18, 2012

I was suspicious, because all the text-for-pay setups I’ve seen have seemed like either they put the buyer or the provider in a horrible position to encourage abusing the other. But not this one – the way I understand it, it’s super clever! – Much Better – June 6, 2012

I joined the site ExtraLunchMoney and so far I give it two thumbs way up! Click the link to see my profile on there. (; There is one thing I absolutely love about it, more than anything else. When someone buys one of my videos or photosets on there, they get it immediately! No more having to wait for me to come online! – Girls that want to make $$ from home like me – June 2, 2012

No bullshit, this is the best automated content selling site out there.  The owner has been nothing but nice to me, super helpful, up-front, etc.  Ask any girl that sells here and she will tell you the same thing.

BestOfFivverr – Tired of Fiverring for a handful of nickels? Trade work for porn instead – May 11, 2012

What makes ELM revolutionary, though, is that through a third party crowdsourcing platform that prefers to remain nameless, ordinary clothed would-be Job Buyers can perform microtasks to “earn” porn credits. – Extra Lunch Money – April 25, 2012

The fees I pay there (the percentage of my income that I give to the website) is the reason my prices there are a little higher than if you were giving me an Amazon gift card. HOWEVER… ExtraLunchMoney allows instant downloads. This means that if I’m not at my computer, it doesn’t matter; you can still purchase a video and get access to it right away! – New Webcam and about Skype Shows – January 28,2012

To top it off there’s several ways of payment! My new personal favorite is If you sign up on and use me as a referral it really helps me out! (Some guys have asked and yes girls get a much higher payout through – – September 20, 2011

There is no live streaming capability on the site so you can’t do a live show for customers here. It is not a cam site! However I think it is a stroke of genius and the rates are very reasonable.


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