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Jan 20 14

Meet the ELM Seller: DirtyDaniPicas

by ELM Admin


Today we meet ELM seller DirtyDaniPicas.

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Jan 7 14

New Year New Design

by ELM Admin

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Some of you may have noticed that the ELM homepage and some of the pages look different than before and you’d be correct. We’ve done a home page redesign as wells changed the ways you can browse content on ELM.

New Navigation

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You’ll notice at the top of the page a new Navigation bar which leads to the different sections on ELM.

When we first started ELM we didn’t have that much content or features, but since we’ve launched we’ve added download now products, texting, discussions, sales, requests and a lot more. Because we have so much stuff now we felt we needed a better way for users to discover all we have to offer.

New Home Page

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Along the same lines of the New Navigation section we wanted the home page to give users a sample of the content that’s on ELM. In the previous version of the home page it was really just a firehose of content as it was posted. If a user happened to stumble upon the site and not see anything they liked or were looking for they’d probably leave. However, with the new homepage we’ve broken down the types of jobs and products by the the type (videos, photos, cam sessions, physical products, etc…) and also given Texting and Goal videos it’s own space

New Browse Section

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When users click on any of the top navigation links (like Videos, Photos, Cam Shows, etc…) this will take them to the new browse section. This lets users browse all the content quickly (and very visually) and lets the filter the content to their specifications. In addition to browsing different categories of content this way users can also filter on price

We hope you like the redesign. We’re still working on improvements related to this redesign so if you see any issues or have any suggestions let us know [email protected]

Aug 7 13

Tumblr “There was a problem saving your post” Means You Put a Link They Don’t Like

by ELM Admin



If you try put in any link with “extralunchmoney(.)com” Tumblr will not allow you to save the post so you can publish it. Instead it will say “There was a problem saving your post” which is Tumblr speak for you’re not allowed to link to this website.

Even worse, you can’t even type out the word “extralunchmoney(.)com” in a post without using parentheses. You’ll get the same ”There was a problem saving your post” message.

Go ahead and try for yourself. This is what will happen…

It’s also not limited to posts. If you want to update your blog side bar to say for example “I help run this site called extralunchmoney(.)com” you’ll get this “error” (lie): “Your settings may not be valid…”



If you take out the reference to the link then magically everything works ok again. Rather than specifically saying “Sorry, you can’t post links to that site”, they present the problem as a vague technical issue…when in fact it’s CLEARLY an issue with the domain name. But, from the looks of it, Tumblr wants to hide that fact.

Why are they blocking us?

We’re not 100% sure, but it’s probably due to the adult nature of ELM. The end result being thousands of ELM sellers and supporters being restricted from freely posting what they want to their Tumblr blogs. 

How can I link to ELM?

There is a work around by using a link shortener like bitly or tinyurl. If you use these services you won’t get the “There was a problem saving your post” message. If you want to write about the domain in a post just write out extralunchmoney (dot) com or something like that.

If you’ve been blocked before let us know in the comments. You also can also check out this post on Tumblr Censoring Links to Sites.

Jul 23 13

New Features: Custom Work Info Section on Profiles

by ELM Admin

custom work info example

We’ve had several buyers request more information on the types of custom work that sellers do. To help, we’ve created the Custom Work Info section on sellers’ profiles. This section details the types of content you make and don’t make it. By filling out this info you increase your chances of getting chosen for custom work. To edit your Custom Work Info go to your edit profile page. Near the top of the page is a link to “edit your customs work profile” click the link (alternatively the direct link when signed in is ). Once edited you and users can view this info on your public profile by clicking the “Custom Work Info” link in the sidebar.

Jul 11 13

New Features: Video Previews and Scheduling Jobs / Product Postings

by ELM Admin

2 new features that we want to officially announce. Video previews and scheduling jobs and product postings.

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Jul 7 13

Meet the ELM Seller: BigBellaNova

by ELM Admin




Today we meet ELM seller BigBella Nova.

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Jun 24 13

Introducing ELM Seller Discussion Boards

by ELM Admin

We’ve launched a new feature for verified sellers to use called ELM Discussion Boards. ELM Discussion boards is a place for buyers, potential buyers, fans and other ELM users to interact and get to know the sellers better. It’s a seller’s own forum board to use. Each seller can start different conversation threads and use their discussion board however they would like. (For the most up to date info check out the ELM Discussions wiki page)

Why did we create discussion boards?

From what we’ve seen, the sellers who’ve sold the best on ELM do a great job at interacting with their customers and fans. Tools like Twitter and Tumblr are great for building and maintaining a following, but for extended conversations we thought a forum could be better. Since there wasn’t an easy and simple tool for this we created one ourselves. 

What’s unique about ELM discussion boards?

  • Seller’s are the admin – only the seller can start conversation topics and delete messages.
  • Privacy control – decide if discussions are public or private (invite-only)
  • Receive tips – users participating in discussions can tip credits to sellers
  • Participation control – sellers have the option to only allow people who’ve tipped them to participate in a discussion

How can sellers use their discussion boards?

It’s up to sellers how they’d like to use their discussion board. The most important is to use the boards as way to engage and interact with customers, potential customers, and fans. Here are a few ideas for sellers:

  • Interactive questions & answers section – create a thread where sellers can ask you questions and you answer them
  • VIP section – allow your best fans or followers exclusive access to a thread (in the thread you could offer unique promo codes to your content)
  • Promotions – a dedicated thread where you post and share different promotions that you have going on (you could make this invite only)
  • Daily life – thread where you talk can talk about what’s going on in your life or movies, politics, video games, etc…
  • Suggested content – ask users what they’d like to see (you could also suggest whomever tips the most will get their suggestion made)
  • Games & contests – play simple games like guess the animal i’m thinking, 20 questions, 2 truths and a lie, etc… winner could get some kind of prize (you could charge a participation tip fee)
  • Product talk – talk about some of the products you’ve made, how you made them, and other interesting info

How to Get Started

If you are a verified seller you already have access to the new discussion board feature. To create your first discussion thread when logged into ELM click the “Seller” link in the upper right hand corner and select “Discussions.”

Other’s can view your discussion by going to your profile page and clicking the “Discussions” link that will show up on the left hand side.

Let us Know Your Suggestions

We intentionally kept the first version of the discussion boards simple. There are a lot of new features we could add, but before we did that we wanted to see how both sellers and buyers used the boards. We’d love to hear what you think and how you think we can improve this feature. Please email us [email protected] and let us know how we can improve it.

Scrolling Job Widget

Our embed features here have been doing well for some sellers so if you haven’t created and posted it yet, click here to find out more

Jun 1 13

From Mainstream Modeling to Adult Modeling and Camming with EvelinaJuliet

by ELM Admin


EvelinaJuliet is a full time adult model who also cam models. After doing some mainstream modeling in 2009 it was a few later that she decided to try more adult type modeling. Now she’s been in over 40 different videos and also cam models on a Finnish cam site.

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May 27 13

Embeddable Widgets and Auto Tweeting for Sellers

by ELM Admin

We have 2 new features we think sellers will enjoy and can help generate more sales: embeddable widgets and auto tweeting.

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Apr 25 13

Meet the ELM Seller: Here2Please

by ELM Admin


Today we meet ELM seller  Here2Please.

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